Falcon Bottled Water


What makes you brand different from others?

Consistent composition of the mineral water, Better taste, No chemical treatment or chlorine, Helps moisturizing the skin and improves digestion

Can we use by boiling?


Can we give it to kids?


Pregnant ladies and patients?


How to order water or dispenser or any of our services?

Please call our customer care number 8006669

For suggestions?

Please contact our customer care at 8006669

Is Falcon bottled water free from harmful biological agents such as bacteria, fungi, viruses etc.?

Yes. Ultra-Violet (U.V) radiations and ozone are very effective disinfecting agents which are able to destroy any bacteria, virus, fungi, spores or present in water thereby assuring microbiologically safe water.

As a customer will I get dispenser cleaning service?

Yes, we provide free of cost dispenser service to all our customer. You can call our toll free number 8006669 and book for the same.

What is a Refundable Bottle Deposit?

A bottle deposit is a fee charged for every 5-gallon bottle delivered to you (depending on your water plan, these typically only show up on your first bill). A bottle deposit is refundable as each empty bottle is returned, original invoice must be submitted for the refund.

Do you have BPA free 5 gallon bottles?

Yes , we have

What do I do with my empty 5 gallon bottles?

If you are a recurring 5 gallon customer, every delivery, we'll pick up your empty bottles; just leave them with coupons at a prearranged location.

How will you bill me?

We will bill you according to the payment method you establish when you sign up for your bottled delivery service. All invoices will also reflect charges for any additional products ordered and VAT.

How should I store the water?

Bottled water should be stored in a cool (i.e. room temperature), dry environment away from sources of odor, such as household cleaning products, solvents such as gasoline, paint thinners and other toxic or odorous materials, and away from direct sunlight. A partially consumed bottle should be capped when not being consumed.