Falcon Drinking Water


Falcon spring products are packed with highest standard of quality. A near zero level of microbiological contamination is maintained by chlorination, activated carbon filter, microfiltration, ultra filtration, UV sterilization and ozone treatment. We endeavour to ensure that the ‘Natural Sweetness’ of our well water is not lost during the treatment process, which will be vouchsafed by the more discerning customers.

  • Bottled drinking water dubai Abudabhi Uae

    consistent composition of the spring water

  • Bottled drinking water dubai Abudabhi Uae

    Better taste

  • Bottled drinking water dubai Abudabhi Uae

    No chemical treatment or chlorine

  • Bottled drinking water dubai Abudabhi Uae

    Helps moisturising the skin and improves digestion

Environmental Policy

We operate our business as an environmentally-conscious and ethically responsible company which has a positive impact on our planet. We always work with our team to understand, manage and reduce the impact, our proudcts have on the environment.

All our packagings are recyclable, and we always use energy efficient solutions wherever possible.

We want our customers to be confident that the environmental and social issues associated with our products are properly managed and we provide the best.